Budgets & The Future of Digital Transformation


Almost Doubled

The amount the average digital transformation budget should be increased to be more effective.

Only 29% of organizations are very prepared to address top threats related to digital transformation.


Are Prepared

66% of respondents believe cyber security attacks, third party breaches, and system downtime will be their biggest threats in the next two years.


Increased Downtime

Conflicting priorities between IT security teams and the C-suite create vulnerabilities

of respondents say IT security and lines of business are fully aligned with respect to achieving a secure digital transformation process.


Digital transformation is increasing cyber risk

82% of respondents believe that their organizations experienced at least one data breach as a result of the rush towards digital transformation.

Digital Transformation & Cyber Risk | CyberGRX, Ponemon report
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Digital transformation has significantly increased reliance on third parties

of respondents say the primary change to their organizations is increased migration to the cloud (a third party).


of respondents say their organizations have difficulty ensuring there is a secure cloud environment.


of respondents say that despite the increased risk, their organizations do not have a third-party cyber risk management program.


Infograph showing digital transformation reliance on third parties

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Digital Transformation is Increasing Cyber Risk


82% of respondents believe their organizations experienced at least one data breach as a result of digital transformation. See how your organization stacks up.

10 Recommendations on How to Secure the Digital Transformation Process

Digital transformation is widely accepted as critical, the rapid adoption of it is creating significant vulnerabilities for most organizations. See how your company stacks up!