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CyberGRX is on a mission to modernize TPCRM. Built on the market’s first cyber risk exchange, with over 80,000 third parties participating, CyberGRX’s dynamic and scalable approach is innovating TPCRM for enterprises and third parties. Armed with fast and accurate data and a proven and innovative approach, our customers make rapid and informed decisions and can confidently engage with their partners.

Who is CyberGRX?

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Enterprises around the world currently working with Amazon Web Services (AWS) can now leverage CyberGRX for enhanced security and efficiency in their third-party cyber risk management programs.

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CyberGRX provides a cloud-based third-party risk exchange. Customers can upload their full vendor list to see risk scores, inherent risk analytics, threat intelligence, and benchmarking.

This gives them a full view of their vendor ecosystem risk. With these insights they can then order risk assessments within the platform. Already completed assessments can be available nearly immediately, for those that are not, CyberGRX will complete and validate.

Solution Overview

Ideal for Organizations Experiencing These Challenges

Does not have good visibility of their vendor risk

Experiencing scale problems managing vendor risk.

Dealing with backlogs of assessments.

Facing regulations requiring vendor assessment processes.

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Streamline your access to the CyberGRX Exchange. This will deliver immediate visibility into their current third-party risk picture as well as what to do about it using risk mitigation strategies drawn from thousands of completed assessments.

AWS customers looking for improved TPCRM programs will find easy access through our Marketplace listing or can obtain CyberGRX solutions from an AWS Partner Network Consulting Partner.

How does CyberGRX help integrate systems with AWS


CyberGRX provides comprehensive benefits security professionals need to confidently manage third-party cyber risks.


Immediate Exchange Access
Access a repository of validated assessments, accelerating assessment and remediation requests by crowdsourcing, resulting in fewer risks and reduced resources.

Proactively Manage Risk as an Organization
Identify trends and create benchmarks by leveraging the structured Exchange data, enabling sharing of risk insights throughout your organization.

Up-to-Date Risk Picture
Drive rapid results with dynamic third-party risk data and advanced analytics providing a current and prioritized view of critical risk.

Map Assessments to any Regulatory Framework
With Framework Mapper feature, customer can easily map our standardized assessments back to any industry regulatory framework providing complete visibility and context to their third-party risk. 

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